Sunday, July 31, 2011

FIrst Impressions

20 hours, three airports, plenty of naps, and TONS of food later, we have finally been able to come face to face with everything we have been working towards. And not surprisingly, it has been completely worth it.
Unfortunately, when we arrived it was dark and we were not able to see much. However, that just made waking up this morning even more incredible. Everything is lush, green, and so obviously alive. Although we haven't had too much interaction with the local people, just observing their way of life has left many of us awestruck. The zest for life is written on their faces and is completely apparent in the way they interact with others.
We attended a church service this morning and the passion for worship was enough to leave goosebumps. There wereno reservations. No boundaries. Simply the most incredible worship for the same God we worship. In a completely different way. Every word, every movement, every drumbeat and guitar-strum was from the heart.
The passion and love and deep appreciation without reservations is inspiring.

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