Friday, August 5, 2011

Our team/ Dinner in the community

Today we led team building drills for the girls and we also did them and learned many things about our own team. We learned that we all have different strengths and we had to listen to each others ideas in order to complete the drill. It was encouraging to see that the younger girls didn't want to give up in any of the tasks. We were able to set an example by not getting frustrated with each other. Later that day we went to Keysie's (one of the girls on the varsity team) house for dinner in the community. Even though there wasn't much room, they still enjoyed having us over. We had amazing rice, fried chicken, salad, potato salad, and fried plantunes(french fries). It was weird not being able to help with serving or doing any dishes. We've been blessed more than they know.
-Mo and Phil(Lauren)
P.s. The hurricane is gone.

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