Saturday, August 6, 2011

Round 2: Success

Yesterday morning we went with the varisty girls over to La Vega to rematch the local teams. It was great and fun competition and although our Varisty buddies lost in two games against the team they played, we were successful and clenched the win. The dynamic on the court was amazing, and the flow of the game was something to be excited about for the season. The connections were there, along with the passion for the game.
Afterwards we headed down to the river with the girls and shared lunches. We took turns jumping into the river from various rocks and heights. The water was so refreshing and was a great experience for all of us as that was the last time we would see the buddies we had for the week. My buddy, Leslie, told me that she was inspired by the way we play volleyball as a team. She said it was never just a one person show, but that the whole team worked together well.
For dinner we went to a location by a different river and the scenery was beautiful. And of course we ate ALOT. Upon arriving back at base we were able to watch a recap video of the week and see the work that God had been doing in not only our area but in the other sites as well. Each of the Varsity girls had written us a letter on the back of our team pictures. Although some of us had to get a translator to tell us what they said, the sincerity behind each message really touched our hearts and our tear ducts.
Today is the last full day we have here in the Dominican and may be our biggest adventure together yet. We will be taking off from base in just a couple minutes to experience the river swells and go rafting. It will be an experience to remember.

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